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One of my favorite bumblebeeshots made it to the March page of  the Natuurmonumenten annual kalender for 2017. Really honoured to share it there!


Photos published in Kale!

Kale!1/12/2016 With my own photo item on Oulu

Kale! 08/12/2016

Kale! 15/12/2016

Kale! 22/12/2016

Kale! 05/01/2017

Kale! 29/12/2016


Joint Exhibition  2015 Rotterdam

Joint Exhibition with Helina Eleonoora at Café LaBru in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Helina Eleonoora is a young talented goldsmith and jewelery designer who just graduated from the Willem de Kooning Academy. We worked together on her graduation project where i tried to reflect and bring together the mood of her designs in the image. We strived to bring all elements together so to create an image that completely breathes the feeling of the jewellery.

A selection of the work, both Photographs as Jewelery is now on show untill the 26th of may in Café LaBru,Hartmansstraat 18A, in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

One image is also selected for publication in the magazine "Edelmetaal" that is especially aimed at the jewellery and goldsmith branche.

Portfolio of Helina Eleonoora

Café LaBru


Assistent Photographer at the  fantastic exhibition "Leve de Mens" of Jimmy Nelson at the Rijksmuseum of Volkenkunde in Leiden!

Link to the Museum website

In front of the museum with the other assistant photographers!

2013 Linnnavuori Night in Lieto


Publication of shot of traditional church boats seen

at Linnavuoren evening (Linnavuoren yö) in Lieto (Finland),summer of 2013.

Publication of " De Koepel van Stoop" in the 12 Provinciën Agenda 2013
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