My creative journey started with paint and a brush but then I got an old camera as a teenager. Ever since  I have been  curiously exploring the world around me through the lens.  Stopping at scenes that others rush by, laying down to observe a small insect or capturing breathtaking sceneries.

Nature photography was my starting point but it is inevitable not to explore. Since roughly two and a half years I have been doing more documentary style work, environmental portraits and studio work. Here in Finland  I had the opportunity to study for the (valokuvaajan ammattitutkinto) practical photographer's exam (Tornio) which has been incredible inspiring. 

The key point in my work is the human connection.  Not to just take something but to tell a story, to show a glimpse or more of that particular person not to steal it from them but to let them show me who they are. I feel the other is incredibly brave to let me enter his or her world.  I try to honour that trust, to make something meaningful.  

Painting has trained my creative eye and whatever the assignment from a product photo to a personal portrait I strive for the best I can deliver at that given moment. Not the easy way out but to raise the bar always and to keep developing as a photographer.

Feel free to contact me for any questons regarding my work or for assignments.

Ester van Dam

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