Introduction - estervandam

My first passion was painting and only later as a teenager I got my hands on a old Minolta analogue camera. I started photographing my surroundings, sometimes to gather material to later use for my paintings. The moment it really took of was when I got my first digital dslr, after that I have not been able to lay my camera down anymore.

I started with nature photography and naturally started exploring the different area's of photography. For me it feels like just another medium but very close to painting. Where first it was mainly nature photography, also because of an initial shyness to  photograph people, I have now come to love the human connection one makes during that intimate moment of making a portrait. I feel that it is a special moment where the person allows you to come close where a small connection is made between strangers and where there is enough trust to lower the guard. So we can see this person if even a glimpse.

Ester van Dam

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